Regenesis Centre For Recovery

Regenesis Centre for Recovery is a not-for-profit organization currently fundraising in an effort to open an addictions recovery centre in Winnipeg MB, Canada for anyone in need who identifies as a woman or as gender non-conforming.


We are three politically-minded, caring women with hearts for justice and a desire to facilitate self-empowerment among our most vulnerable community members. With cumulatively over 20 years experience in mental health and addictions care, we have the expertise, passion, and motivation to make our dream of opening a recovery centre a reality.


During our time in these fields, we noticed a significant gap in treatment for those living with addictions, particularly for those identifying as women and members of the Indigenous and 2SLGBTTQ+ communities. Feeling frustrated with the lack of long-term transitional recovery programs in the city of Winnipeg, we put our heads and hearts together, and the idea for Regenesis Centre for Recovery (RCR) was born.

What We Do

RCR provides a new “secondary care” model, designed to transition members from the end of traditional primary treatment to much needed continued care within our facility, to a successful reintegration into the greater community.


We provide a safe, inclusive, and sober home for our clients as they work toward their recovery from addiction. We provide addictions counselling and mental health support, facilitate knowledge and skill-building opportunities, aid in the development of extensive and tailored positive support networks based within the community, provide career and spiritual guidance, and offer lifelong outreach counselling and support services at no cost to graduates.

Why choose Regenesis Centre for Recovery?

  • Our program is sensitive to the unique needs and experiences of all women and people who identify as gender non-conforming.
  • We provide culturally-appropriate care in whichever way makes sense for each individual client.
  • Our program has a strong focus on outreach services, community, and inclusion.
  • We have extensive and diverse experience in the fields of mental health and addictions.
  • Our program is accessible for all income levels, beliefs, orientations, experiences, etc.

Treatment Process

With a combination of training and education in the mental health field, the RCR team is well-equipped to offer a modern, culturally-relevant, and personalized approach to addictions care. RCR offers a client-centred and evidence-based program using trauma-informed and feminist practices. RCR’s team members from both fields of counselling and occupational therapy have training using therapies such as motivational interviewing, dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, and extensive training with group therapy skills.


Who can apply?


Anyone who currently identifies as a woman or as gender non-conforming.  Also, you must have already completed a detoxification treatment and primary treatment in another facility/facilities.

How can I apply?

Have you already completed primary treatment at another facility?

Do you identify as a woman or as gender non-conforming?

Do you have an active EIA case number or an alternative form of financing your stay with us?

Download our application and medical clearance form. Please fill out the application yourself or with support. Please see a licensed physician or nurse practitioner to have your medical clearance form completed.

Email, fax, or mail in your application to Regenesis Centre for Recovery.